This gallery contains work created after returning from a medical mission trip to Haiti in October of 2007. The trip was organized by a group that brings together people with medical backgrounds from around the United States to visit Haitian villages, bringing supplies and personnel to provide help to people without any other access to medical facilities. We were housed for the week at an orphanage in the village of St. Ard, which houses one of the few public clinics in the country. From a western perspective, the facilities would be considered rudimentary, but in Haiti it was one of the best available to the people who live there. Works included in this collection are from multiple exhibitions, including: "Thirteen Boats For Pastor" (2008, Sioux Falls, SD), "Haitian Water" (2008, Columbus, OH) and "Before the Ground Shook" (2010, Dubai, UAE).



Selected mixed media works from graduate study and transitioning into my artistic practice in the United Arab Emirates. Many of the selected works were included in the solo exhibitions "Emersion" (University of South Dakota: Vermillion, SD), "Gathering of Meaning" (Nuance Gallery: Beresford, SD) and "Mythologies Within Us" (Washington Arts Center: Vermillion, SD).



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