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Welcome to the online archive of artwork by Joshua Watts. Please click on the gallery links below to view the different bodies of work. Free desktops featuring selected works are also available, which can be used on your mobile device, computer screen, or television. To see the original locations of found objects, "Amalgams", and site-specific public works, visit the interactive Google Map. To browse pieces available for sale, please visit the Saatchi Art page. If you are interested in a work that is not listed, please contact me directly to inquire for availability.


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AmalgamsAmalgams are compressions of multiple moments into a single cohesive narrative. Created using hundreds or thousands of images collected over the course of many days, these works are amalgamations of emergent behaviors revealed by the passage of time. The camera records every detail within the narrow confines of a scene, documenting changes as they occur. The resulting images are then studied frame by frame to find and develop the finished artworks. Spending days recording a specific location and the subsequent examination of the results leads to a fundamental shift in how the space is perceived. These works are an attempt to share this discovery with viewers and provide a new way of viewing the passage of time.



Emergent Momenta is an examination of time as a malleable fabric that can be stretched and distorted in ways altering fundamental perceptions of the world around us. Through timelapse recordings, found object glass sculptural videos, solar-powered lightboxes, viewer-reactive mixed media, and even large scale flipbooks, the work of Joshua Watts flattens, expands, and contorts our notions of time in unexpected and exciting ways. For full details of works, download the exhibition catalog. (Fn Designs, Dubai UAE: March 13 - April 30, 2017)



Resonant Disclosures follows the transition of work from solar-powered lightbox installations in public spaces to viewer-activated interactive artworks intended for indoor viewing. Both bodies of work invite examination of multiple narratives and meanings that unfold as the artworks transform to disclose additional information to viewers. This active dialogue between viewer and artwork encourages multiple possible readings from each piece, acting as the impetus for meaning formation and allowing the audience to directly engage in the interpretation of revealed content. For additional information and images, download the full exhibition catalog. (Hite Art Institute Cressman Center, Louisville, KY: December 4, 2015 - March 12, 2016)

"My recent lightbox works require direct physical engagement from the viewer in order to reveal additional dialogue. These works are an exploration and interpretation of the many ways we can perceive the people and environs of the world around us. Just as light going through a prism becomes an entire spectrum, the ideas, contexts, and motivations embedded within our daily lives are always more than what they appear on the surface. Each piece is the beginning of a conversation that requires a second participant in order to continue. By offering my own subjective interpretation of the presented images when a lightbox is activated, I initiate the discovery of resonant meanings within this two-way dialogue between viewer and artwork."



Solar-Powered Lightbox Installations are site-specific works installed in public locations around the world. Many include video documentation of the transition from day to night, which is also available for viewing on the youTube page. All installation and site-specific works can be located and viewed through the interactive Google Map.

"With this body of work, I am bringing my ideas out of the gallery space and into public environments through site-specific solar lightbox installations. During the daylight hours the solar cell charges a battery while a photographic image is visible through the lightbox glass. When the sun goes down, the piece lights up to reveal additional information that (re)contextualizes the original image- providing a new way for viewers to perceive the piece before them. These “binary message” works have led me to begin using time-lapse videography as a way to document the changing nature of the artworks and show viewers how they evolve through the course of a day and night in these public environments."



Between the Lines is an exploration of the many ways we perceive the people and environs of the world around us each day. Just as light going through a prism becomes an entire spectrum, the ideas, contexts, and motivations embedded within our daily lives are always more than what they appear on the surface. Statements for each body of work and additional images are available in the full exhibition catalog. (Tashkeel Studios, Dubai UAE: May 4 - June 28, 2011)



(Additional bodies of work are available in the Gallery Archive)


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