Revealed Dialogue: "UNKNOWN" 2014
(Part of 5 Artworks Sponsored, Produced and Exhibited for Sikka Art Fair 2014)
Installation Location: 25°15'50.94"N, 55°18'1.05"E (Dubai, UAE)

These works depict individuals living and working in the Dubai area, who collaboratively contribute to the finished works by providing the words and images to be revealed when the pieces illuminate at night. The interviews conducted asked the subjects what it is that brought them to Dubai, how long they have resided here, and what it means to them and their families. These 5 works represented a broad range of cultural and social backgrounds, representing the diverse nature of the Dubai population.

I hope for visitors to the fair to come across these as they wander the streets of the Al Fahidi District. Ideally, my works would be placed in the narrow alleys or back corners away from the more highly travelled areas of the art fair. I hope for viewers to have personal interactions with each work and the people they portray- creating a dialog between themselves and individuals they may not otherwise have had an opportunity to know or understand.


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Josh Watts 2014