"Transmission / Diaspora" 2014
(Day and night installation views)

Series of 30 solar-powered lightboxes (3 editions of 10): screenprint and photography on glass
Installation Location: 25°15'50.94"N, 55°18'1.05"E (Dubai, UAE)

(Text on reverse of each box):
This work is an active collaborative engagement connecting ISEA 2014 participants to the United Arab Emirates through a series of solar-powered lightboxes depicting images of daily life in the UAE. You are invited to participate in this international collaborative work by taking one of these message boxes back to your home country and finding a place to display it, preferably in the sun! Anywhere near a window will provide enough light to activate the illumination each night.

After you have brought this home, please take a photograph in its new location and send this image to watts@joshuawatts.net, along with your name and the place it now resides. These will be gathered into one Google Earth display available for the public to see the transmission paths that have taken place over the course of this project.

This is one of 3 different message boxes, each an edition of 10.


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Josh Watts 2014