Thanks for visiting My name is Joshua Watts and this web site contains my artwork as well as other creative endeavors. What you see on the site has been collected from my work through university and onward, with the exception of Robes, a comic book I did in high school (contained in memorie'sLibrary). The galleries and library are constantly being updated, so check in every once in a while to see what's new. Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think...


     All of the art and writing within this site is my own, including the site's design itself. Putting them on the web was a difficult decision at first- I didn't want to dampen the impact of the original artworks, yet at the same time felt a distinct compulsion to communicate my message to the largest possible audience. After seeing some preliminary file conversions, I was more than pleased with the results of artwork appearance. I'm very happy with the site overall, and view it as a work constantly in progress. leafHouse is a forum for my artwork and the philosophy therein, preserving its message to the best degree within the web's limitations.


     Please enjoy your wanderings through


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