Between the Lines

Solo Exhibition at Tashkeel
May 4th, 2011
Dubai, UAE
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"Between the Lines" is an exploration of the many ways we can perceive the people and environs of the world around us each day. Just as light going through a prism becomes an entire spectrum, the ideas, contexts, and motivations embedded within our daily lives are always more than what they appear on the surface.

To many of us, a photograph still represents the documentation of a single moment in time- a record of something from reality that was captured by the passive tool of the camera.However, the manipulation of this documentation (whether subtle or overt) leads us to question the very basis of these perceptions, examining them more closely. By altering, adding, and combining multiple facets within the picture's surface, I attempt to describe the countless ways in which a single image can be perceived. It is this conceptual space - that which exists between the lines of reality- I find the most interesting to explore.

My work often takes advantage of more than one media or technique before it is completed. I do not view the formal (physical) qualities of my artwork as something separate and distinct from its conceptual qualities. Rather, the two are intertwined and compliment one another in the finished work. The form is not simply a reflection of the concept, but an embodiment of it. The media I use is a physical manifestation of the ideas I explore- acting as the conduit between concept and tangible reality.

Each aspect I introduce to a piece brings its own unique dialect to the creative dialogue and is inherently tied to the message intended for viewers. By combining elements that are woven into a common picture plane, I attempt to describe the multiple facets (valences, views, truths, narratives,etc...) at work simultaneously within the same image. The different ways we can view the same object, the multiple opinions regarding most issues, the varied roles we each play throughout our lives are all examples of these facets. Like combining many different dialects into a single language, the unique ideas presented by each element interact and coalesce within the picture plane, forming a cohesive whole. The collaborative portrait of my little sister perhaps sums this up best: "I am a student, a learner, a sister, a daughter. I am myself."

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