"Mátyás (Path) 1"
Graphite transfer, beeswax on stone found in Budapest
21 x 10 x 2cm
Location Object Found: 47°29'56.00"N, 19°2'18.73"E

(Works created during Artist in Residence stay with the Hungarian Multicultural Institute)
I see these transformed objects as small pieces of a much larger narrative for viewers, especially those fluent in Magyar, to discover. The stones used in each piece were collected across Budapest and represent the structures they were once a part of, now left to decay in the elements. Texts which were recorded during my daily explorations have been incorporated within each, acting as a map of my journey. I have left the order of words intact, but removed all punctuation and altered the location of spaces in an attempt to make the Magyar language as unfamiliar to native speakers as it is to myself. These pieces act as a record and expression of my time in Budapest, reflecting experiences and discoveries during my stay.

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