Found Object Artifacts and Installations
2009 - 2012

This series began as a response to the rapidly changing physical environment of the United Arab Emirates and the remnants that are left behind as a result of this exponential development. Since arriving in Dubai, I have become accustomed to seeing an endless landscape of construction and growth in my daily life. As a result, I began to collect the materials left behind from this process- gathering objects that I would find while traveling around the landscape of Dubai and its surroundings. This exploration has continued to environments outside the UAE as well, leading to some of the more recent works.

I see these found objects as physical records of memory- the residue left behind by the actions of people we will never know. Once collected, I integrate my own interpretation of these objects and the surroundings in which they were discovered, reacting to the information already embedded in each artifact. These found objects carry a history of actions taken by countless people and act as a starting point for the creative process. The remnants of these actions make each piece a unique record even before I begin to alter their appearance.

These remnants are records of physical action taken by unknown individuals who have left their marks on these seemingly insignificant objects in ways that they likely never considered. The physical traces left behind are memories of past actions and serve as reminders of what we all leave behind in our daily lives.

To see the locations of where each object was found, please see this interactive Google Map.

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Hungary-Szchenyi-(Brid0021 Hungary-Szchenyi-(Brid0022 Hungary-Szv-(Street)-2011 Petroleum-Family-2010 Recursive-Discourse-2013
Recursive-Discourse-DE0026 Recursive-Discourse-DE0027 The-Door-Home-1-DETAIL0033 The-Door-Home-2010 sign-Flagger-2012
sign-For-Damien-2012 sign-Habitation-2012 sign-No-Passage-2012 sign-Turbine-2012  

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